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Development Editor for the Hamilton Project, based at the Brookings Institution, Washington, D.C., since February 2005. The project seeks to publish 12-15 evidence-based policy proposals each year that contribute to opportunity, prosperity and growth. My responsibilities include generating and evaluating idea, and commenting on outlines and first drafts. See www.hamiltonproject.org.

Occasional editing consultant for Compass Lexecon LLC since 2008. Two or three times a year, work with the firm to edit and improve a report or paper in progress.

Outside Editor for Rock, Donald A. and A. Jackson Stenner, “Assessment Issues in the Testing of Children at School Entry.” The Future of Children. Spring 2005, 15:1, pp. 15-34. Available at www.futureofchildren.org.

Outside Book Editor for the Brookings Institution, Washington, D.C. Projects include:

Chief Outside Editor for the World Development Report 1999/2000, Entering the 21st Century: The Changing Development Landscape, published by the World Bank in September 1999.

Editor for Chemicals and Long-Term Economic Growth: Insights from the Chemical Industry, a collection of 15 essays edited by Ashish Arora, Ralph Landau, and Nathan Rosenberg, published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc., in 1998.

Co-editor of The Mosaic of Economic Growth, with Ralph Landau and Gavin Wright, a conference volume of 14 papers on various aspects of the economics of growth, published by Stanford University Press in 1996.

Outside Development editor for the first edition of Economics, by Joseph E. Stiglitz. Responsibilities included revising, editing and commenting on manuscript, writing inserted examples, and generating problems and review material. W.W. Norton published the first edition of this introductory economics textbook in 1993.