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Articles and Writing

“Recommendations for Further Reading,” Journal of Economic Perspectives. A regular column, eight pages in length and containing 25-30 recommended articles, reports or interviews. Written quarterly from the Spring 2005 issue to the present.

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Principles of Economics: Economics and the Economy. Freeload Press, Inc.: St. Paul, Minnesota and Madison, Wisconsin. First edition 2008. Second edition 2011. 750 pages. Introductory economics textbook, together with a 400-plus page study guide of problems and answers, both available from www.textbookmedia.com. A multiple choice test bank is also available for instructors.

“An Editor’s Life At The Journal Of Economic Perspectives,” The American Economist. Spring 2009, pp. 48-59. Download article (PDF)

“Second Thoughts: Bush's Budgets,” Milken Institute Review, First Quarter 2007, pp. 77-80. Available at www.milkeninstitute.org.

“Medicare: Apocalypse … Later,” Milken Institute Review, Third Quarter 2005, pp. 42-47. Available at www.milkeninstitute.org.

“In Defense of Outsourcing,” Cato Journal, Spring/Summer 2005, 25:2, pp. 367-377. Available at www.cato.org/pubs/journal.

“Shortfalls in the Long Run: Predictions About the Social Security Trust Fund,” co-authored with James R. Hines Jr., Journal of Economic Perspectives, Spring 2005, 19:2, pp. 3-9. Download article (PDF)

“The Economy in Perspective,” The Public Interest, Fall 2004, pp. 85-99. Download article (PDF)

“Dumping the Lump: A Century of Misunderstanding,” Milken Institute Review, Third Quarter 2004, pp. 82-87. Available at www.milkeninstitute.org.

“The Truth about Globalization,” The Public Interest, Spring 2002, pp. 24-44. Reprinted in Harf, James E. and Mark Owen Lombardi. 2005. Taking Sides: Clashing Views on Controversial Global Issues. McGraw-Hill/Dushkin, Dubuque, Iowa. pp. 208-216.Download article (PDF)

“Trends: Private Retirement Accounts,” Milken Institute Review, Fourth Quarter 2001, pp. 8-15. Available at www.milkeninstitute.org.

“Thinking about a ‘New Economy,’” The Public Interest, Spring 2001, pp. 3-19. Download article (PDF)

Updating America's Social Contract: Economic Growth and Opportunity in the New Century, co-authored with Rudolph G. Penner and Isabel V. Sawhill. W.W. Norton: New York, March 2000. 180 pp.

“An Interview with Zvi Griliches,” co-authored with Alan B. Krueger. Journal of Economic Perspectives, Spring 2000, 14:2, pp. 171-189.

“Clintonomics: A Report Card,” Milken Institute Review, First Quarter 2000, pp. 49-56. Available at www.milkeninstitute.org.

“Fixing Social Security,” The Public Interest, Spring 1999, pp. 129-132. Book review of Privatizing Social Security, a collection of essays edited by Martin Feldstein. Download article (PDF)

“Untangling the Trade Deficit,” The Public Interest, Winter 1999, pp. 82-104. Download article (PDF)

“Overview,” in Individual and Social Responsibility, a collection of essays edited by Victor R. Fuchs.  University of Chicago Press, 1996, pp. 13-32.

“Introduction,” in The Mosaic of Economic Growth, a collection of essays co-edited with Ralph Landau and Gavin Wright. Stanford University Press, 1996, pp. 1-18.

“Introduction,” in Values and Public Policy, a collection of essays co-edited with Henry J. Aaron and Thomas E. Mann.  Brookings Institution, 1994, pp. 1-15. 

Newspaper columnist for the "Commentary" page of the San Jose Mercury News from 1989 to 1997, writing about 25-30 articles each year, mainly signed columns on economics topics. Many columns disseminated nationally over the Knight-Ridder-Tribune wire. Also, a handful of op-ed pieces written for the (Minneapolis) Star Tribune in 2009 and 2010.

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