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Opinion columns by Timothy Taylor in the San Jose Mercury News: 1990
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December 13, 1990 - "Troubled Trade"

December 10, 1990 - "Making of a Debtor"

October 31, 1990 - "Urgent Appeals to Motions"

September 30, 1990 - "Federal R&D Spending Encourages Private R&D Spending Directly, Since Companies Usually Chip in Part of the Costs of any Project. Tax Incentives will Help Revive Research and Development"

September 21, 1990 - "Absorbing the Oil Hike - U.S. May Be Able to Avert Recession"

September 2, 1990 - "Despite Rising Prices, It's Time to Raise Gas Taxes"

August 26, 1990 - "How Big is the Bill, Really?"

August 26, 1990 - "S&L Primer - Bad Assets, Not Bandits, Led to Thrift Collapse"

August 19, 1990 - "'Free Riders,' Community-builders Differ on Stadium"

July 13, 1990 - "Reform, Not Foreign Aid, Will Rescue Soviet Economy"

June 22, 1990 - "Traffic Jams: A Tragedy of the Commons"

June 17, 1990 - "Little Change from Fiddling with Antitrust"

June 6, 1990 - "U.S. Air Travel has Taken Off, Despite Grousing"

May 27, 1990 - "Check Inflation Before It Balloons Out of Control"

May 18, 1990 - "Playing Fast and Loose with Deficit Definitions"

May 13, 1990 - "Our Readers Face the Deficit -- And They Don't Blink"

April 6, 1990 - "Latin America Emerges from Horror Show"

March 30, 1990 - "Half of California's Agriculturalwater Produces Pasture, Cotton, Alfalfa and Rice: Four Crops that are Either Low Value, or in Surplus, or Both. Reroute California's Water"

March 23, 1990 - "Revive Health Care Watchdog"

March 16, 1990 - "Public Payback - Prosperity Depends Upon Re-investing in the Infrastructure"

March 9, 1990 - "The United States should Certainly Strive to Push Its Overall Trade Deficit Closer to Balance, but It will Always have Trade Surpluses with Some Countries and Deficits with Others. It is Silly to Pretend that the Goal should be Balance with Every Individual Country. Figures belie Claim that Japan is Culprit for U.S. Trade Trouble"

March 2, 1990 - "A Prenuptial Agreement for German Currencies"

February 23, 1990 - "Even in a Very Optimistic Scenario, It would take 30 Years for Per Capita GNP in those Countries to Catch Up to a U.S. Economy Growing at 2.5 Percent Per Year - Eastern Europe's Paper Economies"

February 18, 1990 - "How to Compete - Industrial Policy is Inevitable, So Make It Productive"

February 11, 1990 - "A Currency Affair - U.S. Economy is Tops by Certain Measures"

February 6, 1990 - "Deficits Slowly Poison U.S. Economy"

January 28, 1990 - "The State Lottery is Almost a Sure Bet: You'll Lose"

January 18, 1990 - "High-tech Firms Saw Uncertainty in U.S. Memories"

January 14, 1990 - "Soviets' Catch-22: Economic Reform Could Spur Spiraling Inflation"

January 4, 1990 - "Social Security as a Tool to Cut Budget Deficit"